Our profile

REHAU Business Services is a fast-growing start-up business center with finance and marketing departments in charge of EMEA operations.
Finance & Communication Services

Our aim is to successfully implement a multi-tower approach in business practice as a step to optimizing cost savings and service quality. We are focused on delivering excellent services to our colleagues and internal partners.

One of the critical pillars of REHAU is the focus on working conditions. We are aware that every successful company is highly dependent on the initiative and a sense of responsibility of its employees. We promote their personal development and work-life balance by offering flexible working hours, for example.

Our headquarters is conveniently located in Maraton, in the center of Poznan, with a very good public transport connection to different spots in the surrounding urban area.

  • Almost 70 years

    REHAU was founded in 1948

  • 70 countries

    REHAU operates in more than 70 countries.

  • 80+ employees

    The Poznan Maraton Office is a place of work for over 80 employees.

  • 50-50 work-life balance

    We offer flexible working hours.

Find out the basic information about REHAU, including its structure, where and how the company does business.

Scope of services

REHAU Business Services center provides finance and marketing support to our colleagues in EMEA countries.
Finance services

Our accountants are responsible for a wide variety of financial services. The team located in Poznan, Poland, manages receivables and payables in accordance with the standard operating procedures of the REHAU Group. Accountants working in Poznan need to be fluent in German as their tasks require cooperation with the team located in Rehau HQ. In addition, they have to be strong team players and qualified professionals. They also often work under tight deadlines, so being well-organised is also of utmost importance.

Communication services

Communication services for the EMEA region are built around three major activities: graphic design, online editing and translation services. For greater effectiveness and the maximum synergy, these teams are dedicated to work in an integrated and cross-functional organisational structure. We strive to deliver the highest level of communication services for REHAU by creating transparent environment for all stakeholders and using process standardisation.

Job offers

REHAU has always sought to create new formulations that expand the application of polymer materials. Our approach: to replace conventional materials with more capable polymers and to create system solutions that generate added value for our customers. REHAU is the premium worldwide brand for polymer-based innovations and systems in construction, automotive and industry. At more than 170 locations, about 20,000 employees in 54 countries contribute to our company’s growth and success. REHAU continues to expand on six continents in order to operate as an on-site partner. Currently to our new established Business Service Center in Poznan, we are looking for motivated and ambitious candidates for the positions of: