December 8, 2016

About Business Services


REHAU Business Services is a fast-growing start-up business center with finance and marketing departments in charge of EMEA operations. The finance department employs approx. 90 people organised in AP and AR sections, and is responsible for a wide array of operations including: processing invoices, documentation maintenance and debit procedure handling. The area of interest of our marketing department include online editing, translation project coordination and graphic design.

Business approach

Our aim is to successfully implement a multi-tower approach in business practice as a step to optimizing cost savings and service quality. We are focused on delivering excellent services to our colleagues and internal partners.

Focus on employees

One of the critical pillars of REHAU is the focus on working conditions. We are aware that every successful company is highly dependent on the initiative and a sense of responsibility of its employees. We promote their personal development and work-life balance by offering flexible working hours, for example.


Our headquarters is conveniently located in Maraton, in the center of Poznan, with a very good public transport connection to different spots in the surrounding urban area.